Meet Bill



Jeff Hogan

I write with a hearty endorsement of Bill Wadsworth in his campaign for election as Farmington’s State Senator. Bill is a passionate, consistent and effective advocate for the town of Farmington. Bill is also a talented and experienced businessman with tremendous expertise in building and construction. The State of Connecticut and Farmington in particular need representatives who have both wisdom and experience. Bill has distinguished himself with more than a decade of Town Council tenure and many more years of experience in private industry. 

I had the honor of working with Bill on the Town Council. Bill is fiscally prudent and prioritizes the strategic interests of Farmington residents. He’s shown many years of leadership in helping the town acquire important open space properties. He’s been a constant advocate for public safety resources and needed capital projects to maintain infrastructure. Bill understands the importance of economic development and has focused on helping to make our region business friendly. Bill also has a track record of accomplishment in both public office and the private sector to objectify his reputation.

Bill is committed to making Farmington the focus for the expansion of genomic research and other bio-science related industry. Personally, he’s helped me over the course of the last year to interact with the appropriate agencies tasked with expanding the UCONN Health Center. I’m convinced that Bill always has the best interests of the town in mind and that his actions make a difference.

In closing, I encourage you to elect Bill Wadsworth as our State Senator. Bill is enthusiastic about what Farmington is and what it will be in the future. He’s a great representative. 

Jeffrey J. Hogan
Chairman, Farmington Town Council

Jeff previously served on the Town Council for two terms as Vice Chairman. He has recently served as the Assistant Chief of the Farmington Volunteer Fire Department and previously served on the board of the Farmington Land Trust, and as President of Winding Trails.

Mike Clark

This letter is written to voice my enthusiastic support and endorsement of Bill Wadsworth as Farmington and Unionville’s representative for State Senate.

I had the great pleasure of serving with Bill on the Town Council for 6 years. I have seen firsthand the talent, experience, and dedication Bill has brought to his years of public service. During his 2 years in the Legislature, Bill pushed back against the largest tax hike in our state’s history. 

Similar to his tenure on the Town Council, he worked hard to insure that we had a fair and balanced budget, and that taxes be kept low so that our families and businesses can thrive. 

During my tenure on the Council, I learned from Bill that you must always work on identifying and funding the core services that taxpayers expect, such as public safety, education, and public health. At the state level, Bill has brought that same common sense approach to government. 

As you cast your ballot for State Senate on Election Day, please carefully review the candidates resumes and accomplishments.  I am confident that you, like my wife Sue and I, will vote to send Bill Wadsworth back to Hartford to represent us.

Mike Clark
Former Farmington Town Council Chairman

Mike is a retired FBI Special Agent and former Manager of International Investigations and Security for Otis Elevator.  He has been married to his wife, Sue, for 33 years; they have four children who graduated from Farmington High School.  In 2005, Mike was elected as the Chairman of the Town Council, he served until 2011.

Carole King

I would like to voice my support to elect Bill Wadsworth as Farmington’s State Senator in the 5th district.  Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this job at a time when our state is facing an unprecedented fiscal and employment crisis.

I am convinced that Bill Wadsworth is the right person for this job.  In addition to his six terms serving on the Farmington Town Council and his term in our State House, Bill has worked for many years in the construction industry and has real world experience in drafting budgets, managing projects and delivering excellent results.  You may also not know that Bill served our country as an officer in the U.S. Army.  This is the kind of background I want in a person representing Farmington at our Capitol.

I have first hand knowledge of what Bill has accomplished for the town of Farmington.  As a local Realtor representing both buyers & sellers in Farmington, Bill has worked to keep Farmington’s mill rate low while maintaining core services, which translates into Farmington being a great place to live.  In recognition of his efforts, the Realtor Political Action Committee, of which I am a member, has also endorsed Bill’s candidacy.  Lastly, Bill’s support for the UCONN Health Center clearly will enrich our local economy and his 100% score on the CBIA issues reaffirm his private sector job support

On a personal note, I have worked with Bill on many occasions through our membership in the Rotary Club of Farmington. His years of service to the community are well known.  From working with him, I know that he cares deeply about our town and will work tirelessly for all of us.  Please join me in casting your vote for Bill Wadsworth on November 4th.

Thank you,
Carole King

Bea Stockwell

As a former representative from the 21st district, Bill Wadsworth has shown amazing political courage in his strong support of the UCONN Health Center – Jackson Lab Project. He was the lone republican standing Gov. Dannel Malloy when this sweeping plan was announced. He realized this initiative will not only provide jobs now and in the future, but it will also act as an economic engine in driving business in central Connecticut. It benefits our region, our state and the patients whose lives will be saved because of this research.

Bill Wadsworth is not only an astute businessman, but he also exemplifies the best in public service. He’s not in it for power; he’s in it to serve. That’s a rare trait, today.

Now please join me in voting for Bill Wadsworth for the 5th District Senate Seat. He’s the best!

Thank you,
Beatrice Stockwell

George Reider

Farmington Town Council Chair – 1989 - 1993
Connecticut Insurance Commissioner – 1995 - 2000

I believe we all recognize that our state and nation are in the midst of a financial crisis.  Today, more than ever, as voters we must be extremely thoughtful and diligent in choosing our elected officials.

On Tuesday, November 4, we in Farmington have the opportunity to make such a decision for State Senate.  Bill Wadsworth has proven his fiscal conservatism in the State Legislature, where he never missed even one session or vote, and prior to that as a member of the Farmington Town Council for eleven years.  He has been a person ahead of his time regarding the issue of fiscal constraint; warning of the crisis that we are now experiencing.  At the same time, he is alert to making sound investments in our future.

Bill championed open space and economic development during his town council tenure.  As our State Representative, he supported the Connecticut Bioscience Center, which will bring hundreds of jobs to Farmington and the Valley.  He stood firm against the highest tax increase in our state’s history.  He was recently recognized by the Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA) for his outstanding voting record on key bills impacting Connecticut’s economic growth and business climate.  Bill’s family has served Farmington, our state and nation for many generations, as farmers, elected officials and in business.  Bill follows in that wonderful and generous tradition of service.  He always stands up courageously for what he believes is right and good for his town, his district and Connecticut. 

Bill has earned our support!  Please take the time to vote on November 4 in support of Bill Wadsworth for State Senate.

Thank you,
George M. Reider, Jr.

Nancy Nickerson

Town Council - 2009 – present, Current Chairman
Board of Education – 1991-2007,Chairman for 10 yrs

These are challenging and difficult times and electing an intelligent, dedicated, experienced and competent candidate to office is more important than ever.  That is why the election of Bill Wadsworth to the 5th District as our State Senator is critical to the well being not only of our town but our state as well.  I have had the good fortune to work with Bill as a member of many elected and volunteer bodies.  I know first hand how fortunate we are to have a man of Bill’s quality and integrity looking out for our interests.

As a lifelong Farmington resident and with involvement in state issues, Bill knows the needs and concerns of the citizens of Farmington and the state.  He is following in a long Wadsworth family tradition of commitment to public service.
Bill has served as an elected official dedicated to the families and businesses in Farmington for 16 years and is highly regarded among his constituents and colleagues.  During that time, he has worked toward a more efficient and effective use of budgets and state dollars, worked to be business friendly and pro jobs, fought for Farmington’s fair share of educational funding and focused on providing the core services of education, public safety, public health and safe transportation.  The UConn Health Center – Jackson Lab project supported by Bill will be a positive economic force in our area.  Bill was named a Legislative Champion by the League of Conservation Voters for his work on environmental issues in the state and is well known for supporting open space and recreational uses of land. 

Bill Wadsworth is a man of integrity who has and will continue to bring common sense solutions to the State of Connecticut.  He is driven by a passion to do the right thing for the future of the citizens of our community and the state.  We are fortunate to have someone of Bill’s dedication and experience looking out for our interests.  I am proud to have had Bill as our State Representative from the 21st District and ask you to join me in voting for him on November 5th for State Senate.

Thank you,
Nancy Nickerson