Meet Bill



Committed to public service

Bill speaks on the House floor.Bill Wadsworth, a lifelong resident of Farmington, is committed to public service following a long family tradition.

As State Representative for the 21st District from 2010-2012, Bill was assigned to the Appropriation Committee, the Transportation Committee and the Human Services Committee. Bill has led efforts to improve Higher Education, Public Safety, Transportation, and job creation. His support of the expansion of the UConn Health Center and Jackson Lab Bio Science initiative has brought thousands of high quality jobs to our district.

As a member of the Farmington Town Council from 2000 to 2011, Bill has had a number of responsibilities associated with the Town of Farmington in addition to serving as a First District representative. He has served as Chair of the Farmington High School Addition and Renovation Building Committee, Chair of the Farmington Fire Station Building Committee and as the Town Council liaison to the West Woods Upper Elementary School Building Committee. His service also included being the Town Council liaison to the Farmington Chamber of Commerce, the Town Council liaison to the Town Plan and Zoning Commission and as a member of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. Service to the Town of Farmington outside of our boundaries included representing Farmington as a member of the Capitol Region Council of Governments Legislative Action Committee and as a representative to the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities. As Chair of the Land Acquisition Committee from 2000 to 2011, he had been instrumental in leading the Town Council to acquire more than 758 acres of property to hold as open space for the town. Bill still maintains a position on the Land Acquisition Committee as a committee member.

Bill is a graduate of the University of Connecticut (cum laude) with a degree in Engineering and attended the Hartford Graduate Center. He grew up in Farmington, attending Noah Wallace, West District and Irving Robbins Middle School. He graduated from St. Paul High School.

A leader in the Private Sector

Bill Wadsworth was the Vice President of CASLE Corporation located in Avon, Connecticut. CASLE is a design-build and development company, responsible for the construction of many industrial, commercial and educational facilities in the Farmington Valley and throughout the State of Connecticut. Some of his Farmington projects include projects include the Trumpf Campus buildings (3 buildings; 241,000 sf; production facility and training center); ebm Industries (2 buildings; 237,000 sf; corporate headquarters, production center and warehouse operation); Tunxis Community College (85,000 sf campus reconfiguration) and both of the Connecticare buildings (100,539 sf and 65,000 sf). Bill has spent forty seven years working in the private sector ( he started on the family farm at age eleven) and has a true appreciation for what it takes to create private sector jobs.

A Volunteer in our community

Bill with Amy Spirito
Bill with Amy Spirito

Bill is currently on the Board of Trustees of the Farmington Village Green and Library Association (FVGLA) and was on the Board of Directors of the Stanley Whitman House. He was also the Treasurer for the Stanley Whitman House.

Over the years, Bill Wadsworth has been a member of Farmington Land Trust (land steward), the Farmington Rotary Club, the Hillstead Museum, the Stanley Whitman Museum, the Farmington Historical Society, Unionville Museum and the Zoning Board of Appeals. He was also elected to the Town Plan and Zoning Commission.

A Volunteer to our nation

Bill aboard a C-141 Starlifter c.1974
Bill aboard a C-141 Starlifter c.1974

Bill volunteered to serve in the United States Army during the Vietnam Era. He enlisted in Aug of 1972 and was trained as a Military Policeman and then served as a Nuclear Security Specialist in upstate New York until Aug of 1974.

Family Man

Bill has three daughters, Abigail, Sarah and Rachel as well as three grandchildren, Tabatha, Lucy and Hugh.