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Wadsworth Endorsed by Independent Party

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Wadsworth had to collect 346 signatures from registered voters in the district to gain access to the Independent line.

Contact:  Bill Wadsworth (860) 677-2784

Farmington, CT - Bill Wadsworth, Republican candidate for the 5th State Senate District, has received the endorsement of the Independent Party of Connecticut. The caucus voted unanimously to support Wadsworth at their Thursday night caucus at the Maron Hotel in Danbury.

“I thank the Independent Party for their endorsement, and I am honored to have their support,” said Wadsworth.  “As I go door to door throughout the 5th District it becomes more and more clear that voters are fed up with partisan politics and one party rule in our state government.  This is another important step for my campaign to help bring new leadership to Hartford.”

Because the 5th District had not had a candidate on the Independent Party line in previous elections, Wadsworth had to collect 346 signatures from registered voters in the district to gain access to the line before receiving the endorsement. As a result his name will appear on two different lines on the ballot in November.  Once on the Republican line, and once one the Independent line as well.

The Independent Party of Connecticut was founded to provide voters an alternative political party that is dedicated to ensuring “Open and honest government, with realistic objectives.”


Wadsworth Qualifies for Citizens Election Program, Grant Approved by   Commission

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Farmington, CT – Bill Wadsworth’s campaign for State Senate announced that Bill has qualified for the Citizen’s Election Program (CEP) and that the campaign’s grant application was approved by the Commission at their Wednesday July 23 meeting.

“I am excited that we reached our goal to qualify for the CEP so quickly,” said Wadsworth. “It’s an honor to have received such an outpouring of support from the communities in the district and a clear sign that people are hungry for new leadership.”

The campaign was able to reach the qualifying threshold in just two short months of fundraising. This is an important goal to have achieved so early in the campaign, and will provide momentum heading into the Fall.

“Reaching our fundraising goal will ensure that my campaign has the resources to get my message of lower taxes, less spending, and a brighter economic future to every corner of the 5th Senate District,” said Wadsworth.

As part of the campaign finance reform law, under the Citizens Election Program, State Senate Candidates must raise $15,000 in “small dollar” contributions of $100 or less. 300 of those contributions must come from towns in the District.  The campaign can then apply for a grant to be approved by the Commission, which gives the campaign additional funds to spend through November.